Pro Git Kindle Version Available

June 6, 2010

When Pro Git was first released, I asked about being able to get it on my Kindle. In fact, one of the very first people to read the book was @adelcambre with a mobi file I generated myself. It was horrible looking, because I didn’t do it very well, but it did work. My editor at Apress wanted to get a professional Kindle version produced, but wasn’t sure if it was going to get done anytime soon.

Well, I just randomly found out that it did in fact finally get done. About 9 months after it was first published, I saw on my Amazon referal account that I had sold a Kindle version, which confused me. However, I went to Amazon and there it was:

I assume it looks much, much better than the version I originally did for Andy. (I should probably get myself a copy). So, if you feel like reading it on the Kindle, have at it. There have also been a number of people who have asked me how they can support the book without getting a dead-tree version, so here’s your chance. You can even get a Kindle reader for your computer, so you can search through it and whatnot. Enjoy!

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