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Translate This

One of the things I love about Git is how easy it is to fork and contribute. More than once on GitHub I’ve put up some content and a handful of helpful souls go about translating it into another language. Well, it’s happened again with Pro Git. Since I released it under the Creative Commons license and put the code up on GitHub, several people have forked and started translating the book into other languages such as German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

I’ve been merging this work into my main repository to make it easier for people who want to help and now I’ve started publishing these translations on the main website. At the bottom of the page in the footer is now a list of ongoing translations (none of them are complete yet) that link to the translated content.

If you know another language and would like to make this Git resource available to others in that language, please either jump into helping with one of the ongoing translations or start a new one - I’ll begin publishing it at once it gets going.

The process to help with translations is to fork my main content repository, clone your new fork, make some changes and then send me a pull request through GitHub. Actually, even if you don’t send me a pull request, I tend to check out my network graph every few days and pull in things that look good.

There have so far been more than 30 people who have contributed translated material, errata or formatting fixes for my book since I put it up here - thanks to everyone! However, special thanks for all the help in translating the book so far to Mike Limansky (ru), Victor Portnov (ru), Egor Levichev (ru), Sven Fuchs (de), marcel (de), Fritz Thielemann (de), Yu Inao (ja), chunzi(zh) and DaNmarner (zh). Also huge thanks to Shane (duairc) for all the PDF creation software work. Keep it up!