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About Me

My name is Scott Chacon. I am a software developer, Git evangelist, speaker, author, world traveler, father, husband, cat and dog rescuer, baby signer and gorilla tamer. Not neccesarily in that order.
I work at GitButler, a new take on modern version control tools, and previously cofounded Chatterbug to help people learn languages, and even more previously cofounded GitHub.
I have a WSET Level 3 Certification in Wines and Spirits, my wonderful wife and I run a dog rescue outside of Berlin, and I speak 6 languages to various degress.
🇬🇧 English natively,
🇩🇪 German relatively well (B2),
🤟 American Sign Language sort of well (B1),
🇫🇷 French minimally (A2),
🇪🇸 Spanish not great (A1),
🇯🇵 Japanese terribly (<N5).

About Scott (Professional Edition)

(for copypasting to pro bio things)
"Scott Chacon is the former cofounder of GitHub; now cofounder of GitButler, a next generation version control client, based in Berlin. Scott helped grow GitHub from 4 cofounders to 450 employees over 8 years, eventually being acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion. Scott is also the author of Pro Git, published by Apress and found online at In unrelated news, he holds a WSET Level 3 certification in Wines and Spirits and owns a dog rescue outside of Berlin."