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Scott's Talks

Here is an incomplete list of over 100 talks and fireside chats that I have given at various conferences over the last 15 years. Most of the time I talk about Git, GitHub, open source, starting startups, things of that nature.
Some of the slide decks can be found on Speakerdeck. If you're interested in having me speak somewhere about any of these types of things just go ahead and fire off a quick email.
When Conference Where Talk Title
Feb 2024 DevWorld Amsterdam So You Think You Know Git? Part 2
Feb 2024 FOSDEM Brussels So You Think You Know Git?
Dec 2023 Codiax Cluj Fireside Talk
Nov 2023 Open Conf Athens Text Editor's Last Laugh
Nov 2023 HeapCon Serbia Revving Up Version Control
Oct 2023 CodeMotion Milan The Text Editor's Last Laugh
Oct 2023 Slush'd Heilbronn Concept over Code
Sep 2023 Euruko Vilnius, Lithuania Ask Your Code
Sep 2023 Wix Dev Conf Tel Aviv Concept over Code
Sep 2023 Codetalks Hamburg Ask Your Code
Sep 2023 Sip and Git Berlin Concept over Code
Jul 2023 We Are Devs Berlin Ask Your Code
Jul 2023 Tech Open Air Berlin The Text Editor's Last Laugh
Jun 2023 This Next Thing Ponsetrina Fireside Chat
Jun 2023 Techsylvania Romania Fireside Chat
May 2023 DevDays EU Vilnuis Revving Up Version Control
May 2023 J12 Day Stockholm Future of Open Source
May 2022 Chatterconf 2022 Online The Social Future of Learning Languages
Sep 2021 Fifteen Seconds Festival Graz The Art (or Not) of the Pivot
Apr 2021 Chatterconf 2021 Online Pushing the Boundaries of Language Learning
Oct 2020 Thinc! Online Founder Talk
Nov 2019 CodeControl Talent Summit Berlin Fireside Chat
Nov 2019 Codemotion Berlin Berlin Accidental Entrepreneur
Nov 2019 Venture Atlanta Atlanta Fireside Chat
Jun 2019 Pirate Summit Cologne Building an international company from day one
May 2019 AppBuilders Switzerland GitHub to Chatterbug: Lessons Learned by an Accidental Entrepreneur
May 2019 Factory Berlin Berlin Fireside Chat
Feb 2019 Impact Africa Network Nairobi Speaker Series
Jan 2019 unicon Berlin Fireside Chat
Oct 2018 IdeaLab WHU Vallendar From GitHub to Chatterbug
July 2018 The Family Berlin Breaking the Codes of Company Culture
Jun 2018 CEBIT d!talk Hannover GitHub and Chatterbug
Nov 2017 Hub Conference Berlin From Silicon Valley to Berlin
Nov 2017 NOAH London London Fireside chat
Dec 2015 Apple Store Tokyo Swift: Open Source Innovation on GitHub
Nov 2015 Web Summit Dublin, Ireland GitHub and the Open Source Revolution
Oct 2015 Huawei Developer Conference Shenzhen, China Open Source and the API Economy
Jun 2015 EnterConf Belfast What Open Source Can Teach Your Enterprise
Jun 2015 AWS Summit Tokyo Tokyo Opening Keynote
Mar 2015 SXSW Austin, TX An American Coder in Paris
Feb 2015 SINFO Conf Lisbon, Portugal The Future of Open Source
Feb 2015 Apero Talk Paris Fireside Chat
Dec 2014 Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit London Panel: Embracing Open & Leveraging a Global Workforce
Nov 2014 Apps World London London The Future of Open Source
Nov 2014 Web Summit Dublin, Ireland The Future of Open Source
Oct 2014 Valley in Berlin Berlin The Future of Open Source
Sep 2014 Reaktor Dev Day Helsinki, Finland Keynote: The Future of Open Source
Jul 2014 OSCON Portland, OR Modernizing CS Education
Apr 2014 Qualcomm Open Source Summit San Diego, CA Open Source and GitHub
Apr 2014 Bloomberg Enterprise Tech Summit New York, NY Software's Power of Disruption
Mar 2014 SXSW Austin, TX Office of the Future: Optimizing for Happiness
Oct 2013 All Things Open Raleigh, NC GitHub Workshop
Oct 2013 Cultivate Conference New York, NY Leading from First Principles
Jun 2013 Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit Half Moon Bay, CA Panel: Open Collaboration & Crowd Sourced Innovation
Jun 2013 Personal Democracy Forum New York The Revolution will be Forked
May 2013 Git Merge Berlin Organizer, Host, Speaker: Pro Git 2.0
Apr 2013 OuiShare Fest Paris Panel: The Open Source powered Economy
Mar 2013 SXSW Lean Startup Conf Austin, TX First Principles
Mar 2013 SXSW Lean Startup Conf Austin, TX First Principles
Nov 2012 Compute Midwest Kansas City, MO The Future of Work
Sep 2012 BaRuCo Barcelona, Spain Back to First Principles
Jun 2012 Magma Rails Colima, Mexico The Future of Work
Feb 2012 SpreeConf New York, NY The Open Source Business
Nov 2011 StarTechConf Santiago, Chile Un Cuento de Tres Árboles
Nov 2011 RubyConf Argentina Buenos Aires Un Cuento de Tres Árboles (Spanish)
Nov 2011 RubyConf Uruguay Montevideo Un Cuento de Tres Árboles
Oct 2011 FOWA London London, England Working Effectively
Sep 2011 Reaktor Developer Day Helsinki, Finland Keynote
Sep 2011 StrangeLoop St. Louis, MO A Tale of Three Trees
Aug 2011 DreamForce San Francisco, CA Introduction to Git
Aug 2011 FrOSCon Bonn, Germany Wrangling Git
Aug 2011 Madison Ruby Conf Madison, WI Git Workshop
Jul 2011 SPAWAR Ruby Conf Charleston, SC Git and GitHub
Jun 2011 Silicon Valley Web JUG Mountain View Introduction to Git
Apr 2011 CodeConf San Francisco, CA Co-host
Apr 2011 RubyNation Washington, DC A Tale of Three Trees
Mar 2011 OSDC.TW Taipei, Taiwan Contributing with Git
Mar 2011 EclipseCon San Francisco, CA Intro to Git
Mar 2011 Symfony Live Paris, France Contributing with Git
Feb 2011 Symfony Live San Francisco, CA Contributing with Git
Jan 2011 CodeMash Sandusky, OH Keynote: The Open Source Business
Nov 2010 RubyConf X New Orleans, LA Classy Git
Oct 2010 RubyConf Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay Introduction to Git Tutorial
Oct 2010 RubyConf Brasil Sao Paulo, Brazil Redis, Rails, and Resque – Background Job Bliss
Wrangling Git: Advanced Git Stuff
Sep 2010 Nuby Hoedown Nashville, TN Intro Git Tutorial
Aug 2010 FOSSLC Ottowa, Canada Really Using Open Source
Aug 2010 LinuxCon Boston, MA Advanced Git Wrangling
Aug 2010 YAPC::EU Pisa, Italy Intro Git Tutorial
Jul 2010 Forum Internacional Software Livre Porto Alegre, Brazil Git Crash Course
Running your Business on OS
4 Hour Git Workshop
Jul 2010 OSCON Portland, OR Git 101 Tutorial
Jun 2010 Amoocon Rostok, Germany DIY Gorilla Trekking
Jun 2010 Amoocon Rostok, Germany Using Git and GitHub
May 2010 EuRuKo Krakow, Poland Gittin' Down to the Plumbing
May 2010 PHP Day - Italy Corropoli, Italy Introduction to Git
Apr 2010 Palmetto OSS Conference Columbia, SC Git and GitHub
Mar 2010 Scottish Ruby Conference Edinburgh, Scotland Git Plumbing
Feb 2010 PyCon Atlanta, GA Git and Hg
Feb 2010 Symfony Live Paris, FR Introduction to Git
Jan 2010 Wellington, NZ Wrangling Git
Nov 2009 Conferencia Rails Madrid, Spain La Diferencia Git
Nov 2009 Erlang User Conference Stockholm, Sweden Git Talk Intro
Nov 2009 RuPy Poznan, Poland Git and GitHub
Oct 2009 Kung Fu Rails Shanghai, China Intro to Git and GitHub
Oct 2009 Aloha on Rails Honolulu, Hawaii The Birth of Git and Hg
Jul 2009 OSCON San Jose, CA 3-hour Git Tutorial
Jul 2009 RubyKaigi Tokyo, Japan Intro to Git and GitHub
May 2009 RailsConf Las Vegas, NV Smacking Git Around
Mar 2009 Scotland on Rails Edinburgh, Scotland A Smattering of Git
Mar 2009 ApacheConf BarCamp Amsterdam, NL Introduction to Git
Nov 2008 RubyConf Orlando, FL Git from Ruby
Jun 2008 RailsConf Portland, OR Getting Git

Smaller Tech Talks

I've also given some smaller tech talks at various companies and groups over the years.

VMWare, AOL, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Full Sail University, New York Times, The Guardian, McKinsey, SAP, Loopt, Digg, Yahoo, LinkedIn, EA, Google, Pivotal Labs, Wunderlist, UCSD